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4 Responses to Hi!

  1. mukesh says:

    Hmm..Read all your post …great to have Kaushal’s session (though oblique) after such a long time:)

    I know I am speaking in hindsight but it seems only 6 (of which 5 from round of 16) came true — Sir you are far better off investing in stocks…

    Will see you in town once i am back…



    • Kaushal says:

      Looking forward to it. Don’t know about being better off but i know for sure that i’d rather buy into copper any day than toss a copper coin. trouble is that most people are really flipping coins while they think they’re investing. i think im a quarter of a way down the road moving away from coin flip station. hope to cover 3/4ths of the distance by the time i retire from my job

      reason for that stupid probabilistic spin world cut betting post was to bet on the fact that my bets will not work 🙂


  2. Sumantra Chatterjee says:

    It seems excluding Japan you have placed all safe bets. But why so less faith on Germany? Although I have been crazy about Argentina since childhood, I was mesmerized by the way a very young German squad buried “the golden generation” of English football and marched into the round of 8. Right now I really have my doubts about Argentina’s chances against Germany on Saturday. However, I have a sneaky feeling that Argentina is holding back its real game which became quite apparent last night. Tavez was on a hattrick when Maradona pulled him out..also, Messi stopped playing for the last 20 minutes of the game. It seems Maradona’s focus right now is on having a full squad available for the last few games which is a very sensible approach as compared to their bull headed campaigns in the last few world cups. So, let’s hope that you have placed your bets right and Argentina meets Brazil in the dream Wrld Cup final..


    • Kaushal says:

      @sumantra2008: Actually Portugal trumping Spain is a contrarian call – to many. Not entirely safe. Not a case of less faith on Germany, but I guess more on the other team. But they should change their shorts – navy blue looked ugh. Be back in black and Messi will score. 🙂


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