Sun TV Network

Keeping Sun TV in my sights. The stock is currently trading at a 1 yr fwd P/E of 17 (“broker consensus”). I have printed these two charts regarding the stock and kept it on my desk so that I do not forget about it. The first is a one year chart which shows us that the stock has really not gone anywhere. The second chart is on a past 3 year plot, which surprisingly paints the same picture. My first reaction is that the stock must have clearly been pricey during that time with P/Es of > 30 I am sure. Anyways, as of today, the 3 yr chart seems to be saying that a line which is near 360 – 365 seems to have been acting like a support line of late and has behaved like a line of resistance during the earlier part of the 3 yr trailing window. The hitch is that the stock is below both the 100 and 200 day SMA lines. Need to think more. But since I have a heavy exposure to the Indian export industry – both in my stock portfolio as well as my profession, I am inclined to give such charts a second, third and perhaps a fourth look!!

Atrologically, my ruling planet is indeed the Sun. Lets see.

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