Yet Another Lap

OK. So I was a bit late in posting about my 36th lap around the Sun, but better late than never. Well, the 36th lap and the moment aross the chequered flag has been well, very chequered indeed! A very different 5th of the 8th for me this time around. 😐 I think I just grew up.

Let me first recount and take stock of my previous year’s resolutions (click 5Aug’10) and see how I fared.


Gift myself more time Achieved!
Trimmer and fitter Failed!!
Giving Gave (but as expected, only to myself 😉 )
Know when to sell Failed!! (am sitting on a pile of crap)
Pay more attn to sonny boy Well. Umm. Lets just say that the traffic lights project failed to take off. Sorry.
Read > 12 books this year Achieved.
Do not read Atlas Shrugged Achieved!! Tried to get someone to read it, but failed there!!
Stop idolizing Jessie Livermore Achieved! I held back and stayed mostly in cash this year
Increase monthly views to The Third I by 30% Failed miserably!!!
Stop paying people money to visit my website Achieved. This was easy considering that the stock market had wiped out all my money at hand anyways!!

So net net, I managed a 6/10 score last year. Good,eh!! 🙂 Remember, I am the judge and the jury here.

And whats it for this year:

  1. Complete the traffic lights project (typed extremely sheepishly)
  2. Read yet another 12 books this year
  3. Lose weight by at least 8%. I am horrified at what I have become compared to what I was. 🙂
  4. Practise CAS: Control anger; Accomodate and be Sensitive.
  5. be more spiritual
  6. increase ticket size of investments. Dont be afraid to trade big. Its all about %s anyways.
  7. be regular on The Third I

That’s it. Trying to be a tad modest this year.

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  1. Narayan says:

    Birthday Greetings to you!


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