Kicking the Predictions

719px-WC-2014-Brasil.svgBrazil 2014 is finally here – after a 4 year long wait. Interestingly, almost all the predictions out there seem to be pointing towards a Brazil victory. Here are some of the predictions I have come across on the internet:

  • Goldman Sachs: Brazil
  • Elo Ratings:  Brazil
  • A Brazilian s/w engineer called Andrew Yule using his logistic regression model: (not surprisingly) Brazil
  • Prof David Dormagen (Berlin University): Brazil
  • ING: Spain
  • UBS: Brazil
  • EA Sports: Brazil
  • Roo the Psychic dog: England
  • Nelly the elephant: TBD
  • Bloomberg: Brazil
  • Stephen Hawking (OMG!): Brazil

Why watch then? 🙂



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  1. Derek says:

    Thaanks for the post


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