Rising Prices and Risk

If you agree to the idea shown in the below graphic, would you not agree that as Gold rises and rises, it is getting to be more risky?

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3 Responses to Rising Prices and Risk

  1. Bibhu says:

    Infact the price of gold sky rocketed in tandem with the brutal crash of 07-08 – all thanks to people buying into “safe haven”. Interestingly – they removed money from the markets after being beaten and murdered (i.e. booked losses) ..
    Markets have yet to stablize, and with Mark Mobius waiting for another crash in the near-term – gold can go anywhere (especially to hell – now that we cant get a piece of the shiny metal).

    Question is – where are other precious metals? or stone? The price for Diamond has hardly increased over the last 3-4 years, same for other precious stones.. 🙂



  2. Mayank Gupta says:

    So what should be the deciding factor (for buy or sell) – Perceived risk or Market risk?


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