Desperate Measures to Arrest the Rupee’s Slide

I read an article in The Financial Express of yesterday about the measues taken by the RBI and a couple of other agencies to halt the rupee’s decent and constructed the following infographic.

India Controls to Stem Rupee's Slide

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3 Responses to Desperate Measures to Arrest the Rupee’s Slide

  1. Sushanta Deb says:

    Reasons to believe that Re depreciation has a high correlation with Gandhi family’s so-called health check-up visits to NY and London. Would be nice if we could have a plot correlating the two seemingly mutually exclusive events. While semantically it makes sense, was wondering if we could see it syntactically happen using a graph. Thank you and long time, no say!!


  2. murali says:

    Kaushal, check out the infographics on this page, esp the one on olympics speed limit …


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