Loss of Time

Apologies. Nothing much to write today. Came back to Hyderabad and lost a great deal of time moving east. And the following things kept me occupied for the little time that I was awake:

First FIIs will froth up our markets. Then the enthusiasm will obviously dry up and things will flatten out.  Then all will fall like a pack of dominos and some of us will head for the cleaners. Housework has never been so much fun! Beware and tread with caution, if you want to have a happy Diwali

I did manage to take a peep at the markets during the trading hours though. Found nothing to sell, I think there is still some steam left. When I left the US the biggest aha! moment there was the official announcement of the end of the worst recession since WWII and the S&P 500 breaking its resistance level.

But we live in crazy times! That aha! seems like a bashful affront. Since some are saying that the S&P 500 is overbought and that mutual fund investors are still staying away from US stocks.

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